Christmas Eve 2008

We spent a quiet Christmas Eve with a part of April's side of the family. We had a good time but we missed the rest of the family. The boys missed the kids but we will get together with the rest of them soon. Grandma Sandy gave the boys a filled stocking. They love these! Above is a picture of the boys with their stockings. Kellen looking through his stocking
Ethan showing off his toothbrush
He knows there is something else in there.
Checking out all their goodies
Kellen and his chocolate Santa. He was telling me that I could not have it. That is why he has that face on.
Uncle Ben
Ethan and his Legos. I don't know why he has that look on.
Kellen got a Harry Potter Spells and Potions set. He kind of looks like Harry Potter now that he has glasses
Bumpa opening a present
Uncle Ben and Aunt Marie got the boys a new game for the Wii. You have to use maracas. It is fun but hard. This is a picture of Grandma Sandy and April testing it out. I think we played more than the kids that night. Also, check out April's outfit. Ray picked it out and it is not even Garanimals!

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