Fun Fair

On Saturday the boys' school had a fun fair. There were crafts, carnival like games, prizes, and of course Santa! The boys seemed to have a blast and they made quite a few very cute things. You know Dasher and, Dancer and, Kellen and, Vixen, Ethan, and Cupid....................
Kellen making one of his crafts
Ethan ripping into his craft
Ethan showing off the necklace that he made for Grandma Schumacher
Kellen working hard on his S'more on a sled
Ethan showing off all his crafts and the HUGE candy stick that he made
Ethan and Santa, I tried to get Kellen to sit on his lap too but he said no. It is so hard to be cooler than everyone around you. If you don't know how this feels just ask Kellen. He is nine so I hope it is just a stage.
Ethan and Kellen wish all of you a Happy Holiday!
Ethan playing ring toss
Kellen bowling for penguins
Ethan tossing bean bags into buckets. This reminds me of a game we used to play with my dad. We called it Bill's Buckets.
Kellen playing the bucket game
Ethan playing Plinko

Kellen playing Plinko

We are very lucky that the Luther PTO puts something like this on every year. We always have fun and the boys talk about it all the time!

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