Family Christmas 2008

On Sunday we went to Jared's family Christmas. We also had a surprise birthday party for Great Grandma Schumacher's 75th. We all had a great time and we stayed for a long time. I was having such a great time that I forgot to take pictures. I did however capture a few choice moments. Patrick and the turkey. He made this in the Showtime Rotisserie. You know "Just Set it and Forget it!" It was a very good turkey! I am going to have to get one of these.
Patrick taking the spit out.
We took a family picture and I think it turned out great! It is very hard to get that many people together and not blinking. We are missing a few of the family who could not make it that day.

From left to right (in no order really) Uncle Greg, Isaac, Adam, Owen, Patrick, Isiah, Tracy, Paul, Jamie, Aiden, Marli, Shawn, Jenny, Lucian, Justin, Anthony, Aaron, Uncle Gary, Jared, Karen, Kellen, April, Ethan, Sarah, Grandpa Schumacher, Grandma Schumacher, Reese, Turk, Brian, Brendon, and Auntie Carol. Yikes! I am amazed I remembered all those names. Below are a few more.

I want to thank Auntie Carol and Uncle Greg for providing a place to have this every year. Also, for all the food, other things, and of course love. We really appreciate it!

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Tracy said...

Love the pictures!!! I had a blast with you, always do!!