Uncle Ben and Aunt Marie Visit Kellen's Class!

Yesterday, Uncle Ben and Aunt Marie went to Kellen's class with Gloria the Blue Tongued Skink. The kids all loved seeing her and learning about her. The kids all had a chance to pet her and see what she feels like. The kids all had questions to try to Stump Ben and Marie. A few did most did not. They all got treats. The game was a surprise to Ben since I did not tell him about it. Kellen and some of his classmates looking at Gloria
Ben trying to feed Gloria but she would not eat. She was too interested in all the kids
Gloria and her sleeping bag
Some kids touching Gloria
Ben, Gloria, and some of the kids
Even Ms Loker got a chance to touch Gloria
This is Kellen's class with Aunt Marie, Uncle Ben, Gloria, and Ms Loker. The kids all seemed to enjoy seeing the lizard and touching it. They all seemed to have a blast. Ben and Marie are planning on doing it again next year for Kellen and Ethan since he will be in Kindergarten.

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