Can You Find The Egg?

After we were done coloring the eggs Grandma, Auntie Jenny, and Mom went and hid them outside for the kids to find. They had so much fun looking in the snow and everywhere to find them. Great Grandma and Great Grandpa were the adult helpers. Ethan waiting to be let outside
Anthony, Kellen, Justin, and Ethan
Team #1 was Anthony, Great Grandpa, and Kellen. We called them the Red team because of the boys' coats
Team #2 was Justin, Great Grandma, and Ethan
April made a snowman and made its head out of an egg

Great Grandma looking in the trees for some eggs
Egg in the snow

A hand grabbing an egg
Ethan counting his eggs
Egg in the bush
HUH? What egg? Luckily Great Grandma was on the ball or it might still be there
Great Grandpa helping Anthony find the eggs
Egg in a Tree
The snow was so deep that April fell in to her knee. Most of the time you could walk on it but sometimes you would fall through. April did not think this was funny
Can you spot the egg?
It was very difficult to capture all of the action on the camera with everyone moving around so much. So those were the best pics of the hunt. We only lost one egg somewhere in the snow. Maybe we will see it in the spring. And at least it was not in the house!

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