Colored Hands......I mean Coloring Eggs

On the Saturday before Easter we colored our hands......oops......I mean we colored our eggs. We were at Grandma Schumacher's house. Anthony and Justin were there too. So were Auntie Jenny and Uncle Aaron. The boys all played together so well. There was barely any fighting. Kellen writing a secret message on one of his eggs
Justin taking a break to smile for the camera

Ethan working hard. He was so fast that his eggs were kind of muted colors. He would not leave them in for very long
Kellen working on an egg. Kellen was one of the slowest because each of his eggs had to have a secret message on it.
Ethan wanted this picture of his blue egg up
Some eggs swimming in the color pool
Anthony being helped by his mom.
Justin and Kellen working
Ethan's finished dozen of eggs

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