Badger Basketball!

On the first Sunday in March we went to a Badger Women's Basketball game. Grandma Schumacher gave us the tickets and we met Uncle Aaron, Auntie Jenny, Justin, and Anthony there. We all had a great time. Kellen really got into the game and wanted to know why everything was happening. Ethan once he figured out that we would not stop him from dancing was quite a loon. Here are the Cheerleaders. Before we went to the game Kellen asked "Do girls play basketball?" I told him yes. He then asked if all the Cheerleaders would be men. He was quite surprised to see women and men Cheerleaders.
Here we all are in our Badger red and white.
The half time show was a guy called Quick Change. The woman changed clothes like 8 times in a 10 minute show. The boys really loved this. Ethan told me that this was REAL magic!
Another change of clothes!

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