Tiny Triumphs 7!

I am late again! I can't seem to get it in gear and do this weekly. I am still going to work on it though. It has been a busy two weeks. I had a paper due that really sucked my time and energy. Plus, just the usual homework and other things to do. So I will do a few more Triumphs to try to make up for the week that I missed.

1. I took a Sociology Exam and got a 96% on it! I felt like I failed this one and was really scared. Guess I get it more than I think.

2. I got my mid term grade back for Sociology and I have a 97% with the exams and quizzes!

3. Ethan is learning a song on the guitar! He is learning the guitar part of "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars.

4. Jared took his Exam for Accounting on Tuesday and got a 100%! YAY!

5. Kellen is getting really excited to start Jr. High in the fall! He has his locker buddy picked out and is ready to go!

6. The boys are counting down to spring break! This year they will be spending a part of the day home alone while I am in school. My spring break starts next week and theirs is not until later.

7. This one is not really a Triumph but more of a "You should check this out!" I am so addicted to Pinterest! It is an online bulletin board that you can see what other people are doing and you can show them what you are doing. I have gotten so many ideas from that site for Arts and Crafts and recipes. I have even tried a few things. Like the crock pot ham was the best! I will have to start taking pictures of the stuff that I make so you can see how cool some of it is. If you want to check it out for yourself let me know at techeapril@gmail.com and I will send you an invite so you don't have to sit on the waiting list.

Have a good week! I know I will!

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