Tiny Triumphs 17!

This week has been one Doctor's appointment after another. I feel like I have lived at the clinic. It is a really good thing that they have an awesome cafeteria or I would be lost. I hate to wait. This way I can get a drink and read. So on with the triumphs!

1. Kellen has been having some heal pain lately. It is nothing constant it just comes and goes. Every time that I think of taking him to the Docs he is fine. Well, I took him in on Monday and she did some X-Rays. Nothing was off in the X-Rays. But she did say that he has a issue with the growth plate in his feet. Nothing that he won't outgrow. And all he has to do for it is wear gel heel pads in his shoes! Such an easy fix! I am glad that it is now taken care of. Unfortunately, he has to deal with it.

2. Ethan had an appointment to get some X-Rays on his wrist and then to have a cast put on. The X-Rays showed that both of the bones going to his wrist were fractured. The ER could only see one. I guess the swelling is a problem. He is now sporting a green cast. He has had everyone sign it and is really making the most of it. He only has to stay in it for three weeks! June 7th it will come off and then we go swimming. I will get a good picture of him in his cast and post it soon. Every other picture I have taken has been blurry because he won't stop moving. As the doctor said " I guess you just can't keep a good guy down!" That is so Ethan!

3. I now have my garden! I have paid to use a plot at the community garden! On Tuesday we were given our plot assignments. I can't wait to get out there. I just have to wait a little bit longer to make sure we won't have any more frost.

4. We went to the bike rally last weekend. The boys both got new helmets! Ethan did not ride as he is kind of scared of getting back on his bike. Not that I blame him. Kellen did ride and was given a T-shirt, water bottle, backpack, and a few other goodies! This area is a good place to be. The clinic, hospital, and insurance company around here are always holding something and giving something away.

Hope you have a good week! I know with school ending ours will be busy. Why is that? The end of the year always seems busier to me than the rest of the year.

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