Easter Eggs!

The pictures below got all turned around. I am not sure what is wrong with Blogger but I am not happy. Anyways, we did color some eggs this year. It would not be Easter without egg salad and Tang. If you get that reference you get ten points! The points are awarded by me and have no value what so ever. But you can keep track of them if you want.A bear I made.
Poor guy fell and cracked his poor head! Then Kellen wrote a suicide note explaining why he took his own life. I am not sure where he get it from but YIKES!
This poor bee died in a hive accident. Ethan made him. They were on a kick about things dying. Get it? Dying? As in coloring the eggs? If you got that then you get twenty points!
An octopus that I made. My stuff was all alive
Big eyed cyclops
Kellen's hairy runner person. It most likely died soon after this was taken
"I vant to suck your......yolks!" Duh....He is an egg vampire he has a thing for yolks. If you got that lame one take five points.

How many points are you up to now? I think I only got three. I took some away for not having very inspired jokes for you today!

Now I am on my way to the Ol' Norge to get some TANG! It is what Astronauts drink so it must be good. Do they even still sell that stuff? Now I want some and I want to introduce the boys to it. It really could be a pivotal part of their development!

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