The COOLEST thing ever!

Oh my gosh! You will not believe the coolest thing that I ordered today. I fell in love with it when I saw it on another blog that I read. I looked high and low and finally found one! I almost wet my pants when I saw it! I am already planning parties so I can use it. I may even loan it out....with a HUGE deposit required to use it. On second thought, nope it is mine and you can't touch it. Maybe I will have to put it in my craft room so no one can even look at it. Would not want it to come to any harm. But seriously I NEEDED this to go on living. I did not know how I could ever have a party again without this thing. So I ordered it!! Now I know you want to see it so I guess I will let you. I will also tell you what it is!It is a Karoff Buffet Tray and was made in the 1950's . Clap your eyes on this beauty!

There are places for all your dips and things when hosting a party
It opens up to it's full beautiful perfection
All folded up and ready to go! It even comes with the jars!!! As you can tell I am very excited. You will all have to come to a party soon and help me break it in! Just don't touch it! Just kidding, just don't touch it much, once will be enough.

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