The Present Game

To avoid the Holiday Gimmes that I know are on their way I made up a new game! Each boy gets a gift bag and they put something in it for the other boy. Then they exchange and have to think of one good thing to say about the "gift" that they were given and a Thank You! They don't get to keep the "gifts" so that made it easier. It worked really well. Ethan loved it and Kellen tolerated it. We will play more now the the craziness of the Holidays is on us.Kellen opening his "gift"
Ethan checking out what Kellen "gave" him
Exchanging "gifts"
Kellen was not sure what to say when Ethan gave him a pair of underwear. He did well and said "It is something that I can really use! Thanks!"

I am not sure where I found this idea but I am glad that I did!

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