Christmas Morning 2009

Santa visited us at Grandma Schumacher's house! Santa was VERY generous this year! He brought games and DS games and a ton of other stuff!Ethan with his FULL stocking
Kellen with his FULL stocking
Kellen showing off the gloves that Santa left in his stocking
Ethan checking out his stocking loot
Check out that GIANT gummy bear that Santa brought
Kellen with the Hex bug that Santa left in his stocking
Kellen with a DS game that Santa left
Ethan showing off his GX cars that Santa left
Ethan and his second favorite present a Bakugan robot thing
Ethan showing off his DS holder
Kellen with his Bakugan
Ethan showing off his game
Ethan showing off his deer antler that Grandma gave him
To pass the time what do you do? Kellen plays his new DS. That is what the boys did if there was a lull in the festivities.

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