Holiday Cooking and A House Made of Ginger!

On Sunday the boys and I made fudge and put together a Gingerbread house! The boys love to help make things and the Gingerbread house kit was a hit! Hey! That rhymed! Anyways, the Gingerbread house lasted a few hours before the boys started to eat it! At least I did not have to throw any of it away!Kellen stirring the fudge
Ethan stirring the fudge
The finished house
The front of the house. Ethan poured his red sugar on the snow. I thought that it looked like a snowman was murdered on the front lawn
The other side
The boys with the finished product
Making the house
April trying to stand up the tree. At least I took pictures of it because a hammer was taken to it yesterday when the boys could no longer just pull pieces off!

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