Gloria Goes To School!

Today Uncle Ben brought a visitor into the boy's classes. Meet Gloria the Blue Tongued Skink! The kids had some great stories and questions about Gloria and Ben's other lizards. This is Gloria in her play pen
Kellen's classmates looking at Gloria
Ben holding Gloria so the kids could feel her
Kellen's classmates touching Gloria
More of Kellen's class. One of the kids said that Gloria felt like corn on the cob. I guess she kind of does!
Ms. Loker holding Gloria
Gloria in Ethan's class
Gloria checking out the kids
Look how happy they are to have Gloria in the class
More kids
The two little girls in the corner did not want to touch Gloria. Ben convinced them to try!
More of the kids
More of the kids getting to pet Gloria
Mrs. Krahn did not want to touch Gloria. She "chickened out" said Ethan. She finally did touch her but Ben had to turn her around. So Gloria wouldn't look at Mrs. Krahn while she was touching her.
The boys had a great time! The kids in the class loved it too! Thanks, Uncle Ben and Aunt Maire for sharing your pets with the kids!

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