Fun At The Parks!

This weekend the weather here was beautiful! We spent a bit of both Saturday and Sunday at the parks in the area. I hope the weather keeps getting warmer! I think I can feel spring in the air. Also, I want to put away the boots and winter gear for the year. Ethan sliding down the fireman's pole
Ethan hates the bridges that wobble when you walk on them. I guess going over them this way is less scary. You can see Steve in the background
Kellen can't resist a baby! He sees one and has to stop to talk to it
Ethan playing Hide and Go Seek. I gave his hiding spot away when I took the picture
Kellen under the slide. I know, you thought that you were supposed to go DOWN the slide. Not Kellen, he plays under them.
Kellen all serious
Kellen and Ethan in the tube slide
Having a meeting in the slide
My little ham, Ethan!
Ethan being strange. What can I say? They are my kids!
Ethan actually ran across the bridge!
We all played tag at the park. Jared was a very interesting target for the boys. I could just stand there and they would run right by me! Jared was tired after the game! The above picture is of Ethan trying to tag Jared.
Jared trying to tag Kellen. Man, that boy can RUN!
Ethan at the top of the slide
Kellen in mid jump!

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