Geek In Tarining

On Saturday Jared and I took Kellen to Misty Mountain Games. We took him there because Jared thought that Kellen would love to try the Mech Warrior Pods. He was right! Kellen had a blast! They even made me drive too. We all had code names Kellen was K-Man, April was Muffin, and Jared was Teenie. These things are HUGE. Kellen and I were on a team and we were trying to kill Jared's Mech. Kellen by the pod
More by the pod
Reaching up to push a button
Checking out the console
Sitting in the pod
The next day the first thing that Kellen asked was "Can we go again?" We are going to try to go again soon. The pods at Misty are privately owned and when Misty moves they are going home with their owners.

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