Thanksgiving 2008

On Thanksgiving we went to Aunt Sherry and Uncle Jerry's. It is always great to get together with the whole family and this time was a GREAT time too! There was plenty to be thankful for and we all had fun celebrating it.

Aunt Sherry set up a table for the kids in the basement with all kinds of crafts to do. The kids had so much fun making things. Trevor making something out of pearler beads
Ethan watching Bella draw. All I have heard about in the last few days is how Ethan loved playing with Bella. How cool she is.......etc
Lulu and Cassidy with the crafts
Ethan's eraser inch worm
Later in the day the littler kids got a chance to go in the hot tub. They watched Nemo and had so much fun. They really loved it when Trevor and Bella threw snowballs in at them.
The four kids in the hot tub
Kellen being strange
The kids swimming in the snow. That is how Kellen told me it was. They had so much fun that they made Aunt Sherry promise that they could do it again on Christmas Eve.
As I look back at this blog I smile and think of family. That is what I am most thankful for this year, last year, and every year to come!

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