Parade Fun!

Every year, Fort Atkinson has a Holiday Parade! This year it was on Saturday. The boys and Jared went as I had to work. This is the first parade in five years that I have missed. I was very sad. The boys had a blast though. Jared said that this years parade was the biggest yet. The boys got so much candy, toothbrushes, magnets, toys, and more that after a while Ethan decided that he was bored and did not want any more candy. That does not make him my child! Ethan has his bag and is ready for the parade to begin
Kellen giving the death glare
The streets all lit up for the upcoming holiday season
The boys all bundled up sitting on the curb
A decorated fire engine
I assume that this is one of the floats. As I was not there I can only assume. After looking at these pictures I would much rather have been freezing outside than listening to Christmas tunes for 8 hours.

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