On Saturday, April had to work and so did Jared. The boys got to hang out with Uncle Ben and Aunt Marie. They had lunch, went to Chuck E. Cheese, played games, and of course played with Uncle Ben and Aunt Marie's Lizards.
Kellen holding a Blue Tongued Skink, Gloria
Ethan holding a Gecko Shells. I was told by Marie that you can tell Shells is happy because he is bright Orange. She told me that Ethan must be a Gecko whisperer
Ethan got bored playing Monopoly and let Shells climb all over him.
Ethan with Ping the Gecko on his head
Ethan and the bearded dragon, Mysti. I have to say that Mysti and the Geckos are my favorites. The Geckos have such a light touch when they are on your hand. They also seem to feel cold.

Thanks Ben and Marie for taking the boys! If I got any of the names wrong let me know and I will change it.

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