Happy Halloween!

Today the boys had Halloween Parties at school! I was able to go and spend some time with each boy and their class! The whole school went for a parade around the block! It was cute to watch! I hope everyone has a SPOOKY Halloween! Ethan posing by the giant pumpkins that his class made
Ethan's class dancing to Monster Mash with Ms. Householder(the M&M)
Ethan waiting to start the parade
Ethan's class all lined up and ready to go
Look out! He wants YOU!
Kellen and some of his friends
All the kids in the school getting ready to go for the parade
Ethan's teacher Mrs. Witkins. I loved her costume! Look at the little baby skeleton in her skeleton tummy! So creative!
Mr. Geiger, the principal, leading the parade
Barack Obama took time out of his busy campaigning to join the fun!
Kellen in the parade
Anna the Renaissance Vampire
Ethan handing out the crayons that he made for his class
One of Kellen's classmates told a scary story. Kellen was sitting next to him and listening very intently
More of Kellen's class listening to the story
More of Kellen's class listening to the story.
I had so much fun! I am sure the boys had a blast too!

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i suck at sewing said...

great blog. great pics, my kids wish they lived in usa so they could enjoy all the trick or treating. xx