Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday we carved pumpkins! Ethan could not stick his hand in with out gagging again this year. So I ended up cleaning it out for him. Kellen started cleaning his then told me "mom, it is just too hard." So I cleaned his out too. But the carving of the faces they did all by themselves.

Tip: Sprinkle Cinnamon in the pumpkin after it is carved before you light the candle. When the candle is lit it makes the house smell like pumpkin pie. Also, for another good smell try some Nutmeg too! The house smells great!
Ethan and his pumpkin
Kellen and his Pumpkin
Ethan carving a face
Kellen carving a face
Ethan carving a circle eye
Kellen making one of his many scars on his pumpkin
The pumpkin seeds ready to go in the oven
One of the faces on Ethan's pumpkin
The other face on Ethan's pumpkin
Kellen's Frankenstein pumpkin
One side of Ethan's pumpkin lit up
The other side of Ethan's pumpkin lit up
Kellen's pumpkin lit up. You can even see the scars in this one
The pumpkin seeds HOT out of the oven! YUMMY!

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