Island Camping

On Saturday we went camping on an island in the Wisconsin river. We went with Aunt Sherry, Uncle Jerry, Ricky, Cassidy, Trevor, Bill, Lisa, Bella, and Lulu. We had two super nice days out on the island. Jared and I tried the kayak and loved it. We had a fire at night and had a blast. Lisa was the only smart one who went back to the house to sleep. The sand is not very soft to sleep on. Ethan in the river
Kellen floating
Ricky and Bill wetting the sand down so we would not burn our feet while playing volley ball
Cassidy in her pretty pink life jacket
The four little ones in the water
Cassidy's life jacket kept riding up on her. I guess she needed a butt strap.
Lulu the heavy drinker
Uncle Jerry "helping" set up the volleyball net
The man folk setting up the net
The kids in all their glowing glory
This is the best fire I have ever seen
Bill and Jared putting the HUGE log that Kellen and Trevor brought from the other side of the island. Kellen held the flashlight and Trevor rolled the log
In the river. Bella had a game where she would lay in the water and the kids would climb all over her. This was a favorite game of my boys. This is all they have talked about
Trevor trying to get Abby away from the dead turtle that she found. Abby thought that was the best thing that she had ever found. She rolled in it and everything. She was one smelly puppy until she got a bath.
Abby after her bath
Lulu and Abby

The video above is of the best fire ever! I wonder who made it?

We had so much fun! My boys are already talking about doing it again.

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Rick said...

A Great Time Was Had By All. Thanks for all the great photos!!!!

Cassidy has been talking about playing with the boys and playing bolleyball since we left!