Grandma's Boys

Last week Grandma Schumacher took Kellen, Ethan, Justin, and Anthony up to her farm for nine days. The boys had a blast and helped farm. They were also up there for Grandma's birthday! Kellen, Ethan, Justin, and Anthony in the Raspberry bushes
Grandma and Ethan on her birthday
Great Grandma, Great Grandpa, and all the boys

All four boys sitting on a rock
Great Grandma, Kellen, and Ethan picking Raspberries
On Thursday, Grandma took the boys to a indoor water park. They met Auntie Carol, Uncle Greg, Marli, Isiah, and Paul there. They had so much fun! Above is Kellen getting a water jet up his shorts.
Ethan standing over the water jet
Auntie Carol, Marli, Paul, and Justin on the Lazy River
Zach and Ziggy Grandma's farm cats

Great Grandpa and all the boys on the tractor in the picture above and below

Grandma, Justin, and Kellen on the four wheeler
Ethan, Paul, and Rozie
Ethan and Zorro
Ethan and the beautiful Patrick
Kellen and Anthony in the Raspberry bushes

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