Last weekend we celebrated Easter with Grandma Schumacher on the farm. The boys always love to be there because there is always something to do. This year they colored eggs and played outside. They also got to visit with their Great Grandma and Great Grandpa! On Sunday morning they looked for eggs and baskets. They were so funny to watch! They would walk right by the easy ones but still found the harder to find ones. I laughed so much at them. Blogger decided to publish my pictures in a strange order so bear with me.Kellen checking out the egg stands
Ethan coloring an egg. The boys both said that they did not want to color eggs so the adults were going to do it. Once the boys saw we wanted to do it they took over!
Kellen with Suzie
Ethan with Suzie
Zephyr I think
Poor kitty
Kellen dipping an egg!

We had a great Easter and hope that you did as well!

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