Creative Arts Day 2012

On April 14th the boys participated in Creative Arts Day for 4-H. They entered arts and crafts projects. Ethan entered a skit and Kellen played his French Horn. They both did VERY well! Ethan introducing himself to the judge
Ethan and his father from the skit
Ethan riding the donkey
I don't usually post pictures of other kids but I had to share this one! This is my favorite donkey of all time!
Kellen preforming
Playing the Forrest Gump Theme Song
Kellen did not win this year for his playing but he did very well. He was bumped up a group and was competing with much older kids. He will do it again next year!

We had a great time getting to talk with people that we don't see very often. I also got a lot of fun ideas for this summer and next year!

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