Tiny Triumphs 43!

I know that I am late with one set of Triumphs and I did not do another set. My only excuse is that I got distracted. I have been working so many hours and this week it is starting to go down! YAY! I am really beginning to be a Bah Humbug. All I hear all day is the complaints. Even though I think most of them are funny hearing it all day becomes a bummer.

1. I am done with work on Friday! The season is over and I am done! YAY!

2. The boys are really counting down the days til they don't have to set an alarm. I have to say that I am looking forward to that too!

3. Band is going well for Kellen! He thanked Jared and I for not letting him quit. He says that he likes the more difficult things that they are playing this year!

4. Ethan is a reading fiend! He can't get enough! I am so proud of him!

Have a great week!!

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