Ethan's Christmas Program 2011!

Ethan's Christmas program was last night. It was a very good show this year. The school had gotten new lights to use for the program so the rest of the gym was dark while the kids were lit with different colors. It was a very nice touch. But, it did make it a bit hard to get good pictures. I did get a few. Kellen reading a new book before the lights went out.
There is my boy at the top in the striped shirt. This was before the lights went out.
Here he is in the new light!
Ethan had a reading part and did very well! I am so proud of him. The songs were very cute this year. There was one about different holiday dances. Make sure you ask Ethan how to do "The Candy Cane" and "The Christmas Tree". It was my favorite part of the show!

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