Tiny Triumphs 40!

This week has been kind of quiet up here. The snow kind of made me realize that winter is here. I don't like the snow so I was hoping it would have held off a little longer. So on with the triumphs!

1. Kellen started all city band this week. He gets to practice for the concert with all the sixth graders from the whole city. He likes to see all the other kids and play with the other French Horn players.

2. The boys got their report cards last night. They both did really well! All As and Bs! They must not be my kids ;)

3. Jared's birthday was yesterday. We went out to dinner and he got some games for his birthday.

4. Work has been going well for me. I am now understanding things a little bit better. They have trained me on order taking and next week they will be training me on something else. I like the job but I am really excited to start school. I get to register next week!

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