Halloween Fun

Halloween is a favorite holiday in the Teche household. We try to go all out for it. The boys really seem to like it. They are not as crazy about it as I am but they are still tiny. I have a lot more room to store the crazy. This year we went to the Rozelleville Rockets 4-H Halloween party! We had a great time! The boys had a blast running around in the dark with flashlights. We carved pumpkins to take to the party with us. Above Jared has a new toy. It attaches to a drill. It cleans out the guts of a pumpkin! It was much easier than doing it with spoons. It did such a good job that you had to be careful that it would go right through the skin of the pumpkin.
Ethan cutting the top of the pumpkin off
Kellen carving
Jared working the pumpkin gutter
Ethan's pumpkin in the light
Ethan's pumpkin in the dark
Kellen's pumpkin in the light
Kellen's in the dark
The family pumpkin in the light. We painted it white and bought green marbles and used a drill to make the holes
The 4-H clover all lit up
The boys in their costumes
Mom and Dad in our costumes. Where is Waldo?
Kellen spent his Halloween watching a movie. He said that it was the best way to spend the evening.
Ethan handed out candy to all the trick or treaters. We did not go trick or treating this year because the boys decided that they would rather stay home and hand out candy!

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