On Saturday we went up to Grandma Schumacher's farm so Jared could finish installing some cameras. The boys and I spent some time with the puppies and we went for a walk. When Great Grandma came by the boys talked her into taking them for a walk in the woods. It is something that they enjoy and they beg her whenever they see her. Zander eating the string on my pants
The boys loving the pups
Ethan is on a time out from playing tag with the puppies. The puppies can't seem to understand why he is just standing around. After the boys ran with the puppies both boys and pups were very tired at night.
More puppy tag
Ethan getting love
Zander in action
Kellen telling a story about what happened last year at the farm
Zephyr checking out the camera
Zephyr on Ethan! These dogs were very well socialized before they came to live at Grandma's. They are very good with the boys! I have never even seen them nip at the boys!
Zander checking out the camera
Ethan practising driving the tractor
Kellen and the tractor
Ethan being goofy
Look at my little pigs in the pig pen! They were checking out the old pen
Look at my cute little pig
Kellen and Zander. See what I mean about how well they are with the boys!
Ethan and Zephyr
That's my boy! And just for the record poor Zander!
Ethan and I can't tell who
This is dinosaur Zephyr
Kellen and the pups!

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