Tiny Triumphs 9

Another week down and I must say they are going very FAST! It is hard for me to believe that it is already 2010! It seems like just yesterday that Jared and I were getting married and starting to have kids. The time sure flies! Someone told me that once you have kids the time goes by super fast. I don't think that I believed them at the time. Now, I know that it is true!

This Tiny Triumphs will be a bit different from the others. I want to get my "resolutions" down so that I can look at them and remember why I did them. The ones I will type here are family ones not my personal ones.

1. Make each of my kids laugh at least once a day!

2. Make some quiet time with the kids. It could be reading a book or curling up to watch a movie or playing a game

3. Make sure each of my kids and my hubby are healthy and well taken care of. All their needs met. Could be as little as clean clothes or a hot meal.

4. Lastly, to make sure that my kids have everything that they need to grow to be great young men! Books, games, cuddle time, etc.....

I don't think that these will be hard for me to do. But I am sure that I will be looking back often to make sure that I keep these promises to myself.

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