Tiny Triumphs 10

It is another week! As I sit here doing this I am wondering what happened to January? It seems that time is just flying! I can't wait for spring so we will be able to spend some time outside. Then summer is not far away. The older that I get the worse I do in the cold. I HATE it. The first snow is nice and having a White Christmas is good too. But, do we need fifteen or more inches on the ground? So without further complaining on my part on to Tiny Triumphs!

1. The boys are both home sick today. Now I know that this is not a good thing but it does give me an extra day this week with them. We are going to relax and watch movies and play some games.

2. The weather is a bit warmer! Now I know that is not something that we did. But I have to say that it makes a difference. I do not feel like we have to stay cooped up in the house.

3. Kellen is slowly working on his GATE homework. He has 9 weeks to finish the packets and has a good start. They are all logic and math questions. Which he is good at.

4. Ethan is getting better at reading everyday! He loves to read to me and I can tell that he is getting much better at it!

And an extra one for today!

5. The litter is STILL being scooped!

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