Dinner With Uncle Ben and Aunt Marie

On Saturday night we went over to Uncle Ben and Aunt Marie's house. We had a great dinner and saw the lizards. But, the real reason we went was to meet Lola! Uncle Ben and Aunt Marie's new puppy. Lola is a 10 week old Belgian Sheepdog. She was full of energy as most puppy's are and so cute. The boys loved playing with her except for when she nipped at them. Jared giving Lola a belly rub
Lola resting a bit
Look how cute
I love the way her ears perk up
Lola loves chewing on a golf club
Ethan playing with Lola
Jared said he zigged when he should have zagged and he ended up on the ground with Lola right there to tackle him!
If she had not closed her eyes this would have been a very good picture of Lola
Lola on the mound of snow
Lola had just stuck her head in the snow in this picture
Ethan and Gloria. You can barely see her because he wrapped her up to keep her "warm"
Kellen and Misty
Misty stuck to April's shoulder
April and Misty
Misty on April's shoulder. Misty is April's favorite

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