Cave Of The Mounds

Today, I took the boys to Cave Of The Mounds. I figured that they had never seen it that they would love it! I was dead on! They thought that it was so cool to go down into the cave and see all of the stalactites and stalagmites. They also really enjoyed "Total Darkness". They turned out all of the lights in one part of the cave and we got to see what it was like. The tour guide said that it was even darker than in your closet. I could not even see my hand in front of my face. This is the tallest stalagmite. It is 17 feet and growing. It grows about an inch every 100 years
This is what our guide called "Cave Bacon."
Just a cool picture of a rock
A smaller cave off of the main cave
Water and the rocks
Me and the boys in the cave
Cave picture
This rock formation is called "Polly The Parrot" If you look you can see her tail and head
Another of Polly
That tall thing in the center is a pillar. It is made when a stalactite and a stalagmite meet
Just a cool picture
See those tiny stalactites to the right? They are called Soda Straws and they are hollow in the middle. They grow at 1 inch for every 100 yearsCool
The boys thought that this looked like a man
A Beehive or Torpedo
Pretty colors
There is a line on the right of this picture. It is called a life line. That is how water and minerals get to the cave. Most everything is growing on or below the life line
This is called Grandpa's Whisker
A cool looking stalactite
Later the boys got to try sluicing. They found a lot of cool things
Kellen checking out one of his finds
Kellen sluicing
The tray with some rocks in it
Ethan sluicing
I changed the format of the pictures and they seem quite small to me. I will not do this again. If you want to see the pictures in more detail just click on them.

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Tracy said...

I took the boys here with Shawn and Marli - they loved it! Such a neat place!!