Poppers, Snakes, and Smoke Bombs OH MY!

On Saturday night we had some fun with poppers, snakes, and smoke bombs! The boys had a blast! Jared made the boys a HUGE snake! He used like 5 packs of snakes. The picture above is the boys watching it burn!
Kellen making a face while trying to get a popper to snap in his hands
Goofy Ethan
Ethan trying to pop one in his fingers. He never did get one to go. I think that we got duds
Kellen trying again to snap one in his fingers
Kellen being crazy trying to step on any poppers that were forgotten or did not pop on impact
Both boys trying to find any of the poppers that still need to be popped
Kellen in the Green smoke
Kellen and Ethan in the Orange smoke
The last two pictures are of the boys watching a snake grow

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