Family Reunion 2007

Over the Memorial Day weekend we went up north to Merrill to attend Jared's yearly family reunion. We had a great time!

Here we all are going on a hay ride! We had a blast! We sang songs, waved at all the cars, and all the kids got a chance to "drive" You will notice that Kellen is not with us. He went golfing with Jared's cousin and his son. We do not have any pictures of that because Great Grandpa's camera ran out of batteries. But golf is now his favorite thing to do.

Here is the view of the horse's butt that Ethan and Jared had. Ethan would let us all know when the horse would poop

Ethan and Jared on the hay ride

Here is the poop that Ethan saw

Horse hoof in the road

This is Ricky Dorn and his girlfriend. They were awesome! We all had a BLAST!

These are the Clydesdales that pulled our wagon. Their names are Nell and Fan

Ethan driving. He was so serious because he thought that he was actually responsible for how fast the horses were going to go

A picture of the wagon as it was leaving

Kellen gambling at the family reunion. (Check out the screen and figure out why he is smiling)

Ethan gambling

Ethan again

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