How Do You?

I am going to start a new thing! I want to share with you the things that we do here at home. Most of the things make life a tiny bit easier and I hope that you like the ideas.
First question, how do you tell your kids cups apart? Do you do like I used to do and try to keep track of where they are? That can be a bit much for me to remember as I am doing laundry and such. Also, playing on Facebook that seems to suck more and more of my time each day. I think I have a problem. I will be enrolling in the nearest support group. On with what I do about the cups!
A picture of the problem. The cups that my boys use are the same
I use those plastic bracelets. I had a ton of them in a drawer cause I hate to throw something out that might be cool later. I slip them on the bottom of each cup and each of the kids have a different color. They seem to remember better! So now there are less "Mom, which cup is mine?" Also, they are dishwasher safe. Just put them in the utensil thing in your dishwasher and they are all set to use the next time the same cups come out of the cupboard.
Above is the picture of the color coded cups!

Hope this helps some of you out there! I just thought that it was like wine charms for kids!

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