Pumpkin Patch 2009

On Sunday Jared and I took Kellen, Ethan, Aiden, and Owen to a Pumpkin Patch. We had a great time! The boys were all tired out after running around all afternoon.
Aiden, Kellen, and Owen walking to see some animals
Ethan and Kellen
Aiden and Owen
Jared the Pied Piper of kids! He is leading them through a hay maze using only right turns
The hay maze
Ethan driving FAST
Owen and Aiden
Ethan on top of the hay bales
Kellen climbing on the hay bales
Aiden on the hay
Uncle Jared helping Owen on the hay bales
Ethan going down the slide
Aiden sliding down on his tummy
Auntie April and Owen. I broke my butt on this slide. I guess I left a piece of me on that thing
Ethan climbing on the tires
Kellen on the tires
Owen got bored climbing on the tires. He was watching the other boys climb
Aiden climbing
Aiden and Kellen on the obstacle course
Owen doing the tires
Aiden climbing on the obstacle course
Ethan running on the obstacle course
Jared helping Owen climb
Aiden in the corn box
Owen in the corn box
Kellen in the corn box
Owen playing in the corn
Ethan in the corn
The boys swinging on the horse swings
Owen on the horse swing
The boys by the corn maze
In age order they were walking through the corn maze. They did this them selves.
All of us in the dead end
Ummmmm......Kellen pull up your pants
Ethan caught with his pants down
Aiden caught with his pants down
Owen went in to get his picture taken last and thought that the other boys had pulled down their pants. He went in and pulled his pants down. I have never laughed so hard
Ethan in the Hamster Wheel
Kellen in the Hamster Wheel
Aiden in the Hamster Wheel
Kellen trying to lasso
Aiden lassoing
Ethan the Cowboy
Owen on the horse
This is as close to being on a horse as I am willing to get!

We all were tired after our day! We all had a blast!

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