An Afternoon At The Zoo

Last week I took the boys to the Henry Vilas Zoo. We had a nice day and with spring break going on it was the perfect day. I think they went just to eat. The minute we got there they said they were hungry and thirsty. We did get to see all of the animals and even had a snack. There are not many pictures because the batteries died in the camera and I forgot the extras. The boys wanted me to take the picture above for Nana
Ethan on the giant tortoise sculpture
Kellen climbing the sculpture
The King of the beasts basking in the sun
How Kellen's arms compare to a monkey's in length
And how Ethan's compare
I have never seen a giraffe play. I got to see it that day. They were so funny to watch. The baby would haul his head back and head butt the bigger one. Then the one we called the Mom would haul her head back and head butt the baby. This went on for quite awhile. The boys thought it was hilarious.

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