Just Monkeying Around

On Saturday afternoon we went to Monkey Joe's! It is a great place for kids to go and get their energy out in a fun and safe environment. They had tons of bouncy houses and slides. Before we went Nana, Papa, Jared, and I had decided that we would be there for about an hour. The boys did not want to leave so we spent three hours there! The adults played cards while the three boys ran and jumped! I also just found out that there are Monkey Joe's in Wisconsin! Guess where we will be a few times a year? Kellen coming out of one of the bounce houses
Ethan climbing to the slide
He was not happy that he had to go down the slide once he was up there. The only way to get out was down the slide. He just did not like the fact that he could not slow himself down at all
Kellen getting ready to climb
James climbing
Monkey Jane
A banana
Ethan, James, and Kellen
A shot of some of Monkey Joe's
A shot of the HUGE slide
Monkey Joe's sign

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