I Think That We Should Build An Ark............Does Anyone Know How?

Jared and the boys took a drive yesterday to take some pictures of the flood in Fort Atkinson. The area has been hit very hard by the rain that has caused the river to come over its bank in Fort Atkinson and in Jefferson Wisconsin. They do not expect the river to crest until Saturday or Sunday and then slowly go down. Below are some of the pictures that Jared and the boys took. Welcome to The Fort! We hope you have a boat
The view from the bridge on Main Street
Those windows are those of a local restaurant. The Velvet Lips Lounge and a lot of other business in the downtown area are closed due to the flood.
One of the many pump trucks trying to help pump some of the water out of downtown businesses.
A water bubbler that is about 15 feet away from the river
The park on the river. This is one of our favorite parks to play at
A different view of the main Street Bridge
A view of some of the businesses downtown

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