River Fun!

On July 8th we celebrated all the kids' birthday's in my family. We spent the day out on the island and had so much fun! The kids had to play games and they all won prizes. We had a good time keeping cool in the water.All the kids had to choose an adult to toss water balloons to. They had to see how many tosses they could get before the balloon broke. The picture above is all the teams getting ready to play!
Here is a sandy Ethan throwing the balloon
Lulu seems proud of herself!
Bella in the distance. I can't believe how tall she has gotten
Cassidy and Aunt Sherry playing the tossing game
Trevor mid catch. I think that Trevor and his dad won this game. But we all had fun playing
Kellen in his Life Jacket
Kellen playing in the water
Ethan playing in the cool river
Grandma Sandy cooling off

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